I got invited to a meeting. How do I join it?

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  1. Receive an invitation to join a meeting with a link attached to it.
  2. Click on the link.
  3. If you don’t have the link but you know the room’s name, simply put it in the address bar in your browser. Example: https://imind.com/r/room_name.
  4. Type in the word that you will appear under, for example, your name.


  6. Select camera, microphone, and a speaker that you will be using. You can press Skip these settings the next time to use your current username and devices when you authorize the next time.


  7. After setting up your devices, you will be able to turn off your camera or microphone by clicking on a corresponding button.


  8. Congratulations, you are at the meeting!

If you’re experiencing problems with camera or microphone, check out these articles:

Android, iOS

To join a meeting on Mind, you need to follow a special link provided to you by a meeting host.
Please note, that you will need to request access from a room owner if you’re trying to get into a locked room. Press the Request Access button, which will send a notification to the room owner, along with your picture. The picture will be taken by your camera only if you allow using it in №4. You will be able to join the room as soon as its owner lets you in.