How to upgrade to Business

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Read through this guide and send it to your teammates so that you can easily join Mind Business!

  1. Go to your subscriptions. From there, you can click on Create Business Account.


  2. Or find a line within your current subscription that says “to access more functionality, create a business account”. You will get a form to fill in with your company name, domain (unique name), your name.

  3. After confirming your email, you will end up on a page where you can choose the number of rooms, a payment type (monthly or annual), link an email to your account, and add additional information.


  4. After that, you will find yourself on a Payment screen. We can only accept debit or credit cards, and we use Stripe as the payment processor. Enter your card and press Pay.


  5. Right after the payment, you can return to the subscription tab or download an electronic receipt.